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Past President of Rotary International, Frank Devlyn Has written 
his most powerful book yet. A must-read for those in leadership.

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Have YOU wished you could be a better leader? Do you yearn for better communication skills? Have you sometimes thought motivating volunteers was like herding cats? Would you find it beneficial to improve your leadership skills in Rotary and in your career?


You NEED Frank Talk on Leadership!


Search on Google for "leadership" and you will find an astounding 163,000,000 results! So what is leadership? Why is it important? And how can we at once become better leaders of our various groups of volunteers in Rotary - while at the same time using the advantages of Rotary membership to become better leaders in our business, professional, and community activities?


This, the 4th in the best-selling 

Frank Talk series, tells you how!


Now you can follow the lives of three ordinary Rotarians who have risen through the ranks of their Rotary clubs and districts and struggle to know how to be better communicators, motivators, and leaders - among other Rotary volunteers, and in their professional lives. These pages are filled with real-life examples of how to overcome the challenges each one of us faces every day. More than 200,000 Frank Talk books have been bought in 9 languages. No Rotarian's library will be complete without this latest version.


Leaders from around the world, both in and out of Rotary are praising Frank Talk on Leadership.


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