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MSNI’s mission is to provide free medical equipment and supplies for those in need both locally and throughout the world.


Rotarians have the power of a
nation, but the heart of a mother.

~ Jim Grant, UNICEF


MSNI operates a simple program:


  • Solicit donations of new or used medical equipment and supplies.
  • Sort, repair, identify, and store materials in a central warehouse in Tulsa, OK.
  • Match the inventory to the growing number of requests worldwide submitted by Rotarians from developing countries.
  • Arrange international shipping through a variety of free, government, and/or non-profit sources.
  • Pack and ship cargo to medical facilities around the world.

MISSION of Rotary District 6110

Medical Supplies Network, Inc.

Frank Devlyn, Past Rotary International President visited MSNI in 2006. This excerpt is from a recent letter dated Sept. 2015...


"I am happy to recommend the good work carried of by Medical Supplies Network, Inc. (MSNI), which has given an untold amount of medical equipment to developing countries via their alliance with Rotary Clubs Of District 6110 in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, and Kansas.


MSNI has made sure that all medical equipment & supplies sent to these developing countries are in good working condition. Thousands of lives have benefitted thanks to this outstanding Rotary / MSNI project.