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Attention Rotarians…
All five of Frank Devlyn's Frank Talk leadership books are now made available as PDF eBooks

The perfect format for Amazon Fire, Android, iPad, iPhones 
and all up-to-date devices that use Adobe Acrobat Reader

More than 300,000 books in the Frank Talk series have since been sold, in 9 languages—with all the proceeds going to The Rotary Foundation. The authors do not retain any profits personally.


Now, the books are available as a complete, 5 book set for only $9.95.

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Frank Talk One

Frank Talk Two

Frank Talk Four

Frank Talk Five

Frank Talk Three







Past Rotarian Jim Weems of Tulsa, OK created an offer the authors could not refuse. At absolutely no cost to Rotary or the Frank Talk project, Jim has turned all five books into PDF eBooks. Over the years, buyers have paid $13.95 for the original paperback books,


Now, ALL FIVE of Frank Devlyn's leadership books are available for only $9.95. Yes, that's ALL FIVE! Each one is a separate PDF file that should work on any device, regardless of make or size of your device or computer. There are FREE sample files that you can download to be sure the files work on your system.


Best of all, every single penny received will go to a wonderful Rotary project called the Medical Supplies Network, Inc.(


If you're new to Rotary, we invite you to download for FREEFrank Talk One for your first ebook. This book is an engaging conversation between Frank and three people he happens to meet while traveling. Their conversation quickly leads to explaining the values of Rotary.


Even seasoned Rotarians have renewed their enthusiasm after reading Frank Talk, How You Can Make a Difference. We hope after reading this first book, you'll want to purchase the full set for only $9.95.


Remember, this website, the hosting, and the production of the ebooks were all donated so ALL the proceeds could benefit 


Download a FREE chapter.

Or purchase the 5 eBook set.

 Now available as a five book set for only $9.95.