The original Frank Talk the
first of Frank Devlyn's series


Wouldn’t it be great to have more of a sense of purpose to your life? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have more real friends? Think how you would feel if you were able to be a part of a worldwide network that’s committed to business ethics, community improvement and service to humanity.


This book has become the fastest selling book in Rotary history. Written with Past Rotary International President Frank Devlyn, it tells the story on how membership in a Rotary club can benefit the member, their community, and the world beyond.


Rotarians and clubs around the world have bought 80,000 copies of Frank Talk in five languages in the first three years, frequently giving them to prospective members they wish to invite into membership.


“For all the joy we receive from serving others less fortunate, for all the happiness we each gain from the friends we make in Rotary, those rewards can be multiplied if we bring in new members. Frank Talk is a refreshing, entertaining book that goes a long way toward that goal. It shows readers why we joined Rotary, and why we stay. It shows non-Rotarians the inner satisfaction we Rotarians get from serving others, because no matter what our race, creed or religion, to Rotarians, ‘Mankind is our Business’.”



Richard D. King

2001-2002 President, Rotary International